Hair Style Ideas

Choosing a Hairstyle

When removing the hair should be considered the shape of your face . Each of us has a certain type of face – oval , round or square . The point is to find out what kind of face you have , and accordingly choose a suitable hairstyle .

Oval type face

If you have an oval face type and length of your face is equal to twice the width of the face . Even if you do not carry a meter , just look in the mirror and only now you’ll know where you stand .

Round face shape

Round face is , as its name implies , simply round. The length of the face is approximately equal to its width .

Square type face

Basically we can say that the type of round and square faces are similar in terms of length and width of the face , the only difference is that the type of angular facial features sharper lines , while a round face has balanced proportions .

Hairstyles that fit your face type

Now that you know what type of face you have, you are on the right track , how to choose a suitable hairstyle . Not all hairstyles are suitable for every type of face.

Hairstyles for oval face

Since the oval type face the most balanced of all facial types, you will sit almost any hairstyle .. The proportions are just playing in your favor . Even so, there are cuts hair that is more appropriate for this type , and those that are less suitable .

What hairstyle is suitable for you:

You can have long hair but short , straight or curly hair in a ponytail or sleek – all these variations look amazing , if you have an oval face .

What to avoid :
Do not cover his facial features.

Hairstyles for round face

In this type , it is necessary to arouse the illusion of length and narrow appearance .

What hairstyle is suitable for you:
Wear long hair and always keep them out front , try to create a sense of fullness at the crown , you also layered cuts or strands .

What to avoid :
It is not appropriate to wear short cuts that are geometrically accurate.

Hairstyles for rectangular face

Square faces are relatively wide , in addition, also have a crisp lines . You must try these lines are ” sanded ” to give the impression of longer and narrower shape .

What hairstyle is suitable for you:
Choose from a soft layered cut – hair should be gently touching your face . Also suitable are cuts that allow sideways .

What to avoid :
Hair should not extend to his chin , so they are only highlighted the sharp lines of the face . Equally unfit strong curls on the sides of the head .

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